Distance and Continuing Education
Course Proposal

The proposal below must be completed and submitted at least three full weeks before the start of a course and must be accompanied by a course syllabus--either our online template or one you develop and attach to an e-mail. If you submit your own syllabus, however, it must include all of the template components, including "academic honesty" and "students with disabilities" statements.

When you click the Submit button below, a copy of your information will be sent to your e-mail address provided, as well as to Distance & Continuing Education for processing. If you need assistance at any time, please call our office 701-231-7015, 800-726-1724 toll free, or e-mail NDSU.DCE@ndsu.edu.

* designates required fields.
1. * Course Title: (Limit -- 27 Characters including spaces)
2. * Department:
   * Course Number:
Note: The number 600 is designated for professional development eduction through Spring 2017. Beginning Summer 2017 the number 2000 will be designated for professional development eduction.
   * Number of Credits:
-- (15 instructional hours [face-2-face and/or online] required per semester credit)
-- (30 hours of lab time required for each lab credit proposed)
3.  * Logistics:
a. Type of delivery: (If more than one delivery, select the dominant type.)
b.  Beginning:
c.  Number of meeting times if applicable:spacer
d.  Time schedule for sessions if applicable:spacer
e.  Location if applicable:
4.   * Grading system: Five category (A-F) Two category (S/U)
When proposing letter grades, syllabus must include a qualitative assessment rubric--contact our office for assistance, if needed. K-12 educators may select both types of grading as appropriate based on evolving school district requirements.
5.  Course Instructor:
--600 course proposals require that the instructor(s) earned a minimum of a Master's degree.

After completing the information requested below, also submit a current complete resume/vita with full education and employment history (may be attached to an e-mail to barbara.schumacher@ndsu.edu) and submit a transcript showing highest earned degree (may be faxed to 701-231-7016). For courses utilizing a guest lecturer(s), the course syllabus must include the name, highest earned degree, current position, and anticipated percentage of total instructional time taught by the guest lecturer(s). If several guest lecturers will be included, organize the information into a matrix or table.
* Last Name:
* First Name:
    Middle Name:
* Title:
* Employer:
* Address:
* City:
* State:
* Zip Code:
* Daytime Phone:
* Home/Cell Phone:
* E-mail:
* Highest earned degree:
* Year earned:
* Institution that granted the degree:
6. Check the box to request a repeat for a course already approved (within the past three years for 600 courses or within the past year for all other courses). Also complete the information above but do not send attachments unless there has been a significant change in the syllabus or your professional achievements.

NOTE: If you need assistance from our office ordering textbooks, securing a teaching site, or some other logistic arrangement, please contact us by e-mail (NDSU.DCE@ndsu.edu) and request whatever help you need.


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