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English Language Preparation

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  • *Education: Complete each column below. Follow the example by giving information beginning with secondary education and continue through university or other post-secondary education. Deliberately providing misinformation or omitting schools attended will result in denial of this application.
  • A-This column reflects the grade of year of school, beginning with your 7th grade. (primary school is not included.)
  • D-Write the complete name of each school attended.
  • B-List the month and year in which each grade began and ended.
  • E-Write the city/state/country where each school is located.
  • C-Write the level of schooling, such as secondary school or university.
  • F-Write the name of the diploma/certificate/degree you obtained at the end of each level of schooling. If it is in a language other than English, do not translate it.
Grade/Level Month/Year School Level Name of School Attended Location
Certificate Type
9/01-6/02 Secondary Naktala High School Kolkata, India Secondary School Certificate
  • Applicants must have original or officially certified records from all secondary schools and colleges/universities attended sent directly to NDSU from institution(s) listed above. Scanned or notarized copies are not accepted. All records must include original stamps/signatures on each document. If the records are not in Engligh, a certified translation must be sent in addition to the official record in the native language.

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Please indicate below the amount and source of money available to cover expenses at NDSU for each session. Please have a bank official verify your statement with an original signature of stamp.
  • * A. I have already sent my financial statement to North Dakota State University
  • *B. Source (personal, family, sponsor/government)
  • Amount in U.S. currency
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Attach a signed statement from the bank for personal and family funds. Attach statement from the sponsor for government sponsorship.

Scanned, colored, or notarized copies are not accepted

By submitting this form, I certify that the information given on this application is complete and accurate. I understand that any deliberate omission or misinformation will result in denial of my application or dismissal from the university. Also, my typed signature is my signature for the form.

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  • Note: Admission to the Intensive English Language Program is not the same as admission to an academic program at North Dakota State University. Admission to an undergraduate program requires a separate application to the Office of International Programs.

Submit this form and send $100 application deposit with all required application materials to:

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