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The Office of Teaching and Learning, OTL, is a supportive place to find assistance to improve your teaching. We continuously seek new ways to support NDSU’s faculty and teaching staff because our mission is to “Create and share best practices to enhance teaching and learning.”

During Fall Semester 2017, OTL will launch the first post in this new blog which focuses on a variety of teaching-related subjects.

The Office of Teaching and Learning blog researches and writes posts about different teaching techniques that may enhance your teaching.

Interested in learning more about a specific topic? Send your suggestions to ndsu.otl@ndsu.edu.

Blog Posts

THE TRANSFORMED TEACHER – Stuck in the middle (of the semester) with me

Down in the doldrums. Ugh. Here we are. The middle of the semester. SIGH. The crazed enthusiasm of a new beginning has worn away. The end of the semester is an eternity away. Getting enthused about learning, participating in discussions, even getting to class seems like a colossal effort. And that’s just us teachers! It …