THE TRANSFORMED TEACHER – How to Make a Mountain into a Molehill

Mountain climber

Spring Fever
Spring has sprung. My spring fever for spring cleaning is in full swing. I have a strong urge to spruce up my class. Revisions – yes! Bring it on! I’ve learned oodles in Gateways-ND, and I’m itching to apply my new knowledge to help students, improve course outcomes, and inspire young people to become lifelong learners so they can expand their minds, achieve world peace, save the planet, and live long and prosper (triumphant fist pump)! I rub my hands together and stare at my files. Hmmm….I have LOTS of files…and documents…and assignments…and assessments…and……………………. Continue reading “THE TRANSFORMED TEACHER – How to Make a Mountain into a Molehill”

Keeping It Fresh, the Grizzled Way

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How do you keep the fires burning after teaching the same course for 30 years? Especially when it is a gateway course that often has 300 students? I used to be able to memorize the names of 300 students – when I was a young plum. The material was fresh back then. The students were close to my own age, and we could talk about lives that had many things in common. Continue reading “Keeping It Fresh, the Grizzled Way”

THE TRANSFORMED TEACHER – Self-growth in academia: support sandwich evolution!

Butterfly cocoons in multiple stages

Inspirational and aspirational models.
You’ve all seen them. You all know one. Uber-teachers. The ultimate guides-on-the-sides. The ones who’ve been gifted with the ability to effortlessly engage, enrapture, and educate their students. Without sweating (or swearing). Without the slightest twinge of unease. They know all about group work, and have group discussions down to an art. Their enthusiasm knows no bounds. They are a delight to behold and everybody loves them.

Is this the teaching ideal I should strive for?
Continue reading “THE TRANSFORMED TEACHER – Self-growth in academia: support sandwich evolution!”