The One Reason You Should Take All Your PD Through NDSU

The One Reason You Should Take All Your PD Classes Through NDSU By Connie Jadrny

If you have taken a class through our office, then you are familiar with our commitment to top-notch customer service. In fact, our team of staff assists K-12 educators in an efficient, knowledgeable, and friendly manner, and we take pride in that. These are all very compelling reasons to take all of your professional development (PD) classes through NDSU, but I have another reason which is even more important. Let me explain. Continue reading “The One Reason You Should Take All Your PD Through NDSU”

How to Use Humor in the Classroom

How to Use Humor in the Classroom by Cheryl Wachenheim

I believe that happy is good, and that a happy student is more open to learning. And, I have evidence to back that belief.

Out of the blue, I had a reason to compile scientific support for what I knew to be true; humor and joy are appropriate in the classroom. Please indulge me while I illustrate the specific moment in which my curiosities were raised about the subject of humor in teaching. Then, if you are interested in incorporating humor and joy into your classroom, continue reading to learn the benefits, pitfalls, and tips. Continue reading “How to Use Humor in the Classroom”

Gathering Teaching Solutions

Gathering Teaching Solutions

In a previous blog post I wrote about the reasons for opening up your school or district’s professional development to all K-12 teachers nationwide. One of the reasons mentioned stayed with me for a long time. That reason was, “What if a teacher in your school is struggling to find a solution to an issue in their classroom or with their student? And, what if the solution to that issue is held by another teacher, in another district?”

Basically, what I was suggesting was offering your professional development classes as an outlet for teachers from all backgrounds and school systems to share their ideas for unique or difficult situations. As I was thinking about this concept, I realized that there are more opportunities in which teachers can learn from each other. Continue reading to learn about other ways to gather teachers. Continue reading “Gathering Teaching Solutions”

STEM @ NDSU – Our New YouTube Playlist

STEM @ NDSU - Our New YouTube Playlist

The greatest thing about planning ahead is that you always know what is coming, right?

Errrr… then a random pandemic comes along and all of a sudden, your well-made plans are no longer viable.

At this point, you can either bang your head on your desk and lament about the unfairness of all that wasted planning (not recommended).

Or, you can do what our office did and rethink and retool the activities you had planned (Highly recommended and I will tell you why.)

Continue reading “STEM @ NDSU – Our New YouTube Playlist”

Why You Should Consider Opening Up Your School’s Professional Development

Why You Should Consider Opening Up Your School’s Professional Development

Today’s topic is so great for our We Learn Together Blog because it gets to the very heart of why this blog was created. We Learn Together. As we all know, in life we don’t always have all the answers. Sometimes we need to lean on other people to help us solve problems. This is where the concept of “opening up,”  or making professional development (PD) classes available to all teachers can be extremely  important and useful.

Many K-12 schools offer PD classes for their own teachers, but did you know, these schools are missing out on a variety of opportunities by not allowing outside teachers in their classes? We will discuss some of those reasons in this post. Continue reading “Why You Should Consider Opening Up Your School’s Professional Development”

How to Open a School Exclusive Class to All Teachers

How to Open Up a School Exclusive Class To All Teachers

In a previous post, I wrote about the reasons why your school or district should consider opening up your school exclusive K-12 professional development classes to all teachers. This post is a short follow up to assist interested instructors on how to open up their professional development class. The process is simple and doesn’t take any additional effort. If you would like to know more about school-exclusive classes, read this post.

Once you or your school/district has made the decision to open up your professional development class to all teachers, you fill out the course approval paperwork.  If you have previously offered the class, then this process is the same as it always is. The only difference is, you would let Barb Schumacher, professional development coordinator, know you want the class available to all teachers.

From there, our office does the rest of the work (you still have to prepare for and teach the class though; we don’t do that part for you). If you want to know what kinds of things our office does to notify teachers that your class is available, please continue reading. Continue reading “How to Open a School Exclusive Class to All Teachers”

HyFlex Classroom Equipment Instructions and Tips

HyFlex Equipment Instructions and Tips

HyFlex Classroom


We are currently in one of our classrooms in the Aldevron tower. The reason we are in here is to discuss some of the equipment and give you an idea of what the equipment looks like in one of these classrooms. In the video above Daniel Erichsen and Sharley Kurtz will give you more visual and audio examples of what the equipment looks and sounds like. In this blog post, we will provide general information and some images to assist you with the HyFlex classroom technology.

Let’s begin by walking you through the steps to start everything for your class connection as if you would be walking into this classroom right now. If you are teaching remotely at any point during the semester, these steps will need to be done by a teaching assistant or another instructor before you can join the class. NDSU’s Information Technology Services department is working on a remote solution for this but, it may not be ready in time for the first few weeks of school.

Follow these step-by-step instructions for using the touchscreen and starting your class. Continue reading “HyFlex Classroom Equipment Instructions and Tips”