What is the Pygmalion Effect?

What is the pygmalion effect

sculptor and sculptureThis psychological effect takes its name from a character in Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Pygmalion is a sculptor who fell in love with his own statue that he created out of ivory. The effect was proven through a study by Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson in 1968.

In a nutshell:
The Pygmalion effect shows that teachers’ expectations of their students have a strong effect on student performance. Continue reading “What is the Pygmalion Effect?”

What is the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique?

What is? The Immediate Feedback Technique

In a nutshell:
The Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT), commonly known as “scratch off scantrons” or “scratchies,” is a tool used to assess knowledge and learning in ‘real time.’ It’s a card on which students record their answers to multiple choice questions by scratching off an opaque material similar to that found on lottery scratch tickets to see if they got the correct answer. Continue reading “What is the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique?”

The ACE Advantage

The ACE Advantage

During the 2017-2018 school year, ACE Tutoring and Quiet Study received over 35,000 visits to its location in the lower level of the West Dining Center. Meaning, ACE is an extremely popular academic resource for students who have questions about course material or who want the opportunity to review material with a tutor that has already successfully completed the class. Tutoring is peer-led, appointments are not necessary, and students can visit the center as often as they like. As instructors and staff at NDSU, you may want to note that students who used ACE services in fall 2017 had numerically higher term grade point averages (GPA) (3.10) than students who did not (2.97)Continue reading “The ACE Advantage”

THE TRANSFORMED TEACHER – How to Make a Mountain into a Molehill

Mountain climber

Spring Fever
Spring has sprung. My spring fever for spring cleaning is in full swing. I have a strong urge to spruce up my class. Revisions – yes! Bring it on! I’ve learned oodles in Gateways-ND, and I’m itching to apply my new knowledge to help students, improve course outcomes, and inspire young people to become lifelong learners so they can expand their minds, achieve world peace, save the planet, and live long and prosper (triumphant fist pump)! I rub my hands together and stare at my files. Hmmm….I have LOTS of files…and documents…and assignments…and assessments…and……………………. Continue reading “THE TRANSFORMED TEACHER – How to Make a Mountain into a Molehill”