Assessment and Evaluation: Sense or Nonsense?

Assessment and Evaluation: Sense or Nonsense? by The Grizzled Teacher

My wife and I bought a new car not too long ago. A perfectly functional, if boring, hybrid sedan that gets fine gas mileage and will be on the road long after us. I tend to be a positive sort, but working with the slug of a car salesman brought me down. I still occasionally think of the nonsense with the car salesman and I want to run into the shower. Continue reading “Assessment and Evaluation: Sense or Nonsense?”

Keeping It Fresh, the Grizzled Way

Keeping it fresh, the grizzled way by The Grizzled Teacher

How do you keep the fires burning after teaching the same course for 30 years? Especially when it is a gateway course that often has 300 students? I used to be able to memorize the names of 300 students – when I was a young plum. The material was fresh back then. The students were close to my own age, and we could talk about lives that had many things in common. Continue reading “Keeping It Fresh, the Grizzled Way”