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  1. Absolutely not! I tell my students that most of what we talk about is in the materials provided. It never stops surprising me when students tell me “we didn’t talk about that in class.” I give fair warning that I will do my best to teach the materials but that just about everything I do in class is in the book (materials). Class is held up by questions and late students, which is understandable, but the information that needs to be learn remains the same whether or not I have time to cover all areas. I am available to answers questions, demonstrate, use examples, and most importantly, allow the student to discover how to find the information when I’m no longer available to instruct them. There are geniuses that hardly finished school and that do not rely on the teacher to teach them everything. Go out and find the knowledge, teach yourself if you have to, always continue to educate yourself and never think that discussing a topic in class will teach you everything you need to learn about a subject. If that were true we should all just watch youtube for our education. Dave.

  2. Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, I have found that discussion in class can be cut if students get together and agree to open the discussion about different topics from the materials. This way, you, as a group of students, can divide the reading material and still be active in the class. This worked well for me and my group in law school where there was a lot of reading and discussion. Good luck.

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