Recommended Book List

For each blog post you write, the North Dakota State University Office of Teaching and Learning will provide you with a complimentary copy of a book of your choice from the following list. We aim to keep this book list updated with a quality list of teaching resource books. So, please feel free to write more than one blog post to collect several of these books.

  1. Discussions in the College Classroom by Jay Howard
    A practical guide which utilizes research, frames it sociologically, and offers advice, along with a wide variety of strategies, to help you spark a relevant conversation and steer it toward specific learning goals. Read more.
  2. Small Teaching by James M. Lang
    Full of experience-tested, research-based advice for graduate students and new teaching faculty. It provides a range of innovative and traditional strategies that work well without requiring extensive preparation or long grading sessions when you’re trying to meet your own demanding research and service requirements. Read more.
  3. Teach Students How to Learn by Saundra McGuire
    Strategies you can incorporate into any course to improve student metacognition, study skills, and motivation. Read more.
  4. Campus Confidential by Jacques Berlinerblau
    A tenured prof. breaks ranks to reveal what’s wrong with American higher education and how it affects you. Read more.
  5. The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer
    Speaks to the joys and pains that teachers of every sort know well. Over the last 20 years, the book has helped countless educators reignite their passion, redirect their practice, and deal with the many pressures that accompany their vital work. Read more.
  6. Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov
    This teaching guide is a must-have for new and experienced teachers alike. Over 700,000 teachers around the world already know how the techniques in this book turn educators into classroom champions. With ideas for everything from classroom management to inspiring student engagement, you will be able to perfect your teaching practice right away. Read more.
  7. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
    Dr. Brene Brown is a thought leader in the areas of vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. Brown’s latest book addresses a way of approaching your life from a point of worthiness and letting go of our embarrassments and shame. Read more.
  8. The 360 Degree Leader by John C. Maxwell
    Learn how to lead with maximum impact, regardless of your position, through this masterclass distillation of John C. Maxwell’s thirty years of experience teaching people how to make a significant difference in their organizations. Read more.
  9. The Trust Edge by David Horsager
    In this widely popular book, David Horsager presents the ultimate guide to earning, maintaining, and even rebuilding the most critical factor of every business relationship—trust. Read more.

Do you have a book we should add to this list? Send your book list recommendation to